How to Prepare for Jesus Return

How to prepare for Jesus return

God warned us in the Bible not to let the day of Jesus Christ’s return to Earth catch us by surprise. Today’s world is busy, and the flashing lights of the twenty first century are incredibly distracting, but as the clock ticks and Jesus’s return fast approaches, it’s vital to spend your time and energy preparing yourself for the day that the Lord comes back to Earth. We do not know the exact day, hour or minute that He will return, but God has told us that we can read the signs of His coming. It’s time to wake up and get ready for the Lord’s coming to Earth.

Here’s how you can ready yourself for His return:

1) Repent and Turn from Known Sin
In order to truly trust in the Lord and ready your mind and soul for his return, you must repent and turn away from the sins that lurk in the back of your head. Changing your behavior on the surface is not enough to be ready for His coming– you must turn your back on sin and breathe in the light of the Lord. Give your heart to God and find peace knowing that you are ready for His return.

2) Watch for the Signs of His Coming
As the days go by and His return draws near, it is important to be vigilant. Familiarize yourself with all the signs of Jesus Christ’s second coming and look around you as you go about your life. Watch and listen to what is happening in the world around you, search for the signs, and point them out to other Christians when you see them. In recognizing the signs for what they are, you can help yourself keep calm and at peace as the world grows more hectic around you. You will know that His return is imminent, and so you can find peace.

3)Draw Closer to the Lord
The world’s chaos is a source of distraction, and as Christ’s return draws near, it will only grow more chaotic. In this time of unease and anticipation, you must draw closer to the Lord. Allow His Grace to be the shelter from the storm as the wind picks up and the rain begins to fall. He will be your comfort, your source of strength, and your Salvation. You must put your relationship with God above all else as the days go by. The Lord is all you need. Everything else is secondary, and time is running out.

4) Pray; Perilous Times are Coming
This goes hand in hand with drawing closer to the Lord. As you strengthen your faith and turn your attention towards His Light, you must make your prayers more conscious. Don’t keep your prayer limited to saying grace halfheartedly before a meal. In the days leading up to God’s return, you need to communicate with Him in any way that you can. Pray for Him to come into your life and steady your soul as the world becomes more and more perilous. Your prayers are the best way you can weather the storm.

5) Share the Lord with Family and Others
Though God is your only Hope and Salvation, it is also important to know that you are not alone as the world grows scary and chaotic. Your family and friends, your fellow Christians, are here to live through the storm together. Share your love of the Lord and your knowledge of his impending return. They will support you, and in the process, you may help lead them into God’s loving arms. Tell those you love that it is time to wake up. Make them open their eyes to the reality of His second coming.

6) Be Good and Continue to Practice God’s Work
As the day grows near, do not let yourself fall to mere waiting. The Bible tells us to continue to do God’s work “while it is day,” and though our work here may be nearing an end, it is not over yet. Help your fellow Christians whenever you can and practice holiness in your day-to-day life. Be mindful, but do not let waiting consume you. Perilous times are coming, and it is important to be good to others in any way that you can. Continue to spread His word. Our duty as Christians is not over yet.

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