Is Compromise Tainting Your Walk with the Lord?

by Donna Kazenske  What does the word “compromise” mean to you when we are referring to our Christian beliefs and Christian living? Did Jesus ever compromise the true gospel message in order to be accepted by those to whom He ministered or was He always challenging people to come up to a higher standard of […]

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Speaking God’s Word Over Your Life and Circumstances

Are you speaking God’s Word over your life? This morning I woke up ready to go work at the local Job Corp where I substitute several days a week.  I love subbing there because I basically just have to make sure the kids (young adults) are on tasks and keep order.  This allows me to […]

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How Do I Soak in God’s Spirit?

Soaking in the spirit or the presence of God is another form of Christian Meditation that brings believers heart to heart with God. It’s a time of abiding and just being with God. Learn how to soaking in God’s presence and spirit with these easy steps.

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How to Break Free From Negative Thoughts

A mind that is filled with negative thoughts is like a dark cave that limits positive and faith-filled thoughts from entering in. Having a chronically negative thought life is a mental mindset that focuses more on what is wrong, than all that is right in our life.

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Christian Health: Is God’s Perfect Will That You Don’t Get Sick?

Many Christians use scripture like, “by this stripes we were healed” to claim God’s health and healing over illness and disease, and although healing is from God, for the Christian, prevention should always be first and foremost.

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Overcome Negative Emotions By Casting All Your Cares on God- Video

Need to manage or overcome negative thoughts, anxiety, feelings, or emotions? Take these simple steps to cast every care and worry unto God to restore your peace, joy, & well-being.